In the autumn of 2013, it was planned to travel to the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden) in search of precious and semi-precious stones, as the Scandinavian countries are considered to be precious stones. However, through self-study and consultation with geologists on the appearance of raw semi-precious stones and researching the history of geology over a hundred thousand years, we came to the conclusion that glaciers, which have been, may have brought semi-precious stones from Scandinavian countries to Latvia.

The knowledge acquired in the spring of 2014 was used in practice to search for rough semi-precious stones in the territory of Latvia. Our theory was correct! The territory of Gulbene region was surveyed, where various types of semi-precious stones were found, for example, a variation of colored quartz - Jasper, graphic pegmatite (GRAPHIC PEGMATITE), healing gold with magnetite and pyrite (HEALERS GOLD), granite porphyry with blue quartz ”), Fossil and Chinese pattern stone (PORPHYRY CHINESE WRITING STONE), as well as quartzite of different colors. Our Yashma is unique in that it is found in the territory of Latvia, which, according to scientists, came under the influence of the glacier about 65 thousand years ago. So far, no research has been conducted in this field in Latvia.

The material found, with a total weight of 218 kg, was taken in May 2015 to the University of Geology in Tarty, Estonia, where it is possible to check mineral samples for authenticity. In the scientific research process, where the removed stones were performed, the removed stones were recognized as semi-precious stones. Finding and processing semi-precious stones in Latvia is something new and unprecedented, it is our heart's desire, so we decided to start making jewelry and souvenirs, as well as to develop such a type of business in Litene Parish, Gulbene Region, Latvia.